This Is Me, Today

TodayThis is me, today: Writing in the quiet of the early morning, contemplating life, love and the pursuit of it all.

Today I question and rant and wonder and digress to clear my head for the next task.

This is me, today: Feeling out of touch with my physical self and wondering how to get back in sync.

Today I confront the loss of trust between me and my body. I vow to begin to let it to show me what it is capable of if I just allow it to be what it wants to be.

This is me, today: Looking for time, for purpose, for drive, so that I can open up and offer pieces of myself, of my heart and soul, to the world.

Today I look for more, beyond myself, beyond these walls and away from this place. I want the world, but which way to step first?

This is me, today: Walking hand in hand with the fear of failure, of never being quite right or the kind of good that gets noticed, of not being able to do what I set out to do. Thinking that maybe I don’t even know what good is.

Today I will question and second guess, for tomorrow I need to go on in spite of everything.

This is me, today: Restless, needing to expand, yet knowing that I must practice patience.

Today I will center and allow, invite patience in, let go and trust that things will come together if I keep my feet on the path.

This is me, today: Writing, starting something, then turning it into something else. The pen and the keyboard know the way and my hands follow.

Today I think and plan and decide and the work creates itself in the image of my idea, but in the form of it’s own choosing.

This is me, today.

Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. So, I’m seeing this way late, but I want you to know I see you today.

    Love you.


    Megan Reply:

    @Britt Reints, Love you too. Thanks. :)


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