Word Play: Sunday Morning

It’s early. Sunlight steams though the windows, golden and warm, coloring the world and this room beautiful. I want to capture it, in words or on film. It is Sunday morning. It’s bright and quiet. I want it to last. (more…)

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After seeing so many gorgeous images being created with iPhones, I decided to start practicing to see what I could create. As Britt said, it seemed like a good way to stretch creative muscles. My results have been mixed, but I can only get better from here.

I’m calling these iMoments, tiny snippets of everyday life. You’ll get a taste of them on these blog posts, but you can see more on the One Thousand Words (Or More) Facebook page. Yes, we have one! Go give us a like (but do come back)!

And if you’d like to get a taste of what kinds of photos turn me on, follow me on Pinterest.

A bit of housekeeping: If you’ve come here in the past, you already know I’ve got a new template. If haven’t, now you know. I’m still in the midst of tweaking and figuring things out and getting some problems solved, but I’m making progress. Please be patient! The photos, as of right now, don’t go into my feed, so I am linking from here to the photos page when there is something new to see. Also, the Photographs page is wonky right now so you can only see a limited number of pictures. I’m working on that as well. Support is a bit slow in coming – there’s just one poor programmer! Oh well. It is what it is, right?

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Outward Bound

And so I shift my focus outward, toward the bigger picture. What is my contribution in life? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately.

My answer? I want to add beauty to the world.

It’s a vague idea, no doubt. But it is the best I have to offer. Upheaval, pain and strife are essential parts of everyone’s journey. The beauty helps us get through those times, just as it helps us celebrate the joys. It also punctuates the quiet parts of our lives, the in between, those moments that pass seemingly unnoticed but capture a large part of our time here.

So, beauty. Where to start?

I think it begins with gentleness. With kindness. With encouragement and laughter. I add beauty to the world by casting these qualities beyond myself and those I love. I add beauty to the world by seeking peace. I add beauty to the world by seeing what’s there and showing you what’s beautiful about it, by creating beauty and sharing it with you and encouraging you to take that light and share it with someone else.

To add beauty to the world I need to help others find it. Within themselves and within others. In the day-to-day of life and in the big moments, both good and bad.

I’m off to find beauty in today and all the todays I’m allowed.

What’s beautiful to you?

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The Next Act

There is restlessness. There is longing. Old familiar feelings, but now I know what they mean and what I need to do. It is time for reinvention.

I have always craved change. I’ve changed hairstyles more times than I care to count, all the while part of me envying those women who feel no such need. When I was a teenager you could find me dragging furniture across the floor in my bedroom, arranging and rearranging every few months. So it should be no surprise that I am making changes once again. Never stand still.

It might surprise you to know that I’ve been blogging since 2003. I should really be a superstar at this point, with my own book and movie deal. But my need for upheaval has gotten in my way (I refuse to believe that it is utter lack of talent or charm—if it is, don’t tell me). I know better now, and hope it’s not too late to carve a place of my own in the vast reaches of the Internet.

In the next year my life will begin to change in ways I’ve waited for a long time. I’m excited for that change, so of course I want it now. Instead I will content myself with preparing for what lies ahead by cultivating that which I love: photography, writing and making connections with other people.

So I give you a new One Thousand Words (Or More): Speaking my mind with pictures and words. This time I will allow the path to lead me, as long as I am enjoying the journey. I will share my thoughts and experience with you, and add a moment of quiet beauty to your day as often as I can. I hope you’ll join me.

Today’s Moment: Singleton

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Room To Grow

Always allow your petals to open and blossom; give yourself plenty of room to grow.

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